Stitchlinks isn't simply about those who already have a long-term medical condition, we're about helping everyone to live positively. For those who are fit and healthy, enhancing your wellness and encouraging positive living now can reap benefits in the future.

Our chosen tools are knitting, stitching and crochet. We combine the benefits of these crafts with up-to-date health information to enable our members to live fuller lives. Our research into these crafts has taught us valuable lessons in terms of the importance of rhythmic movement, creativity, colour, texture and positive social engagement which is enabling us to identify other activites which may also be of benefit (see Stitchlinks Plus).

See Betsan's Blog to read about 'Whole-person' health and wellbeing.

Please remember that the articles below have been written to give you information from which you can make your own choices. We would advise that you check with your doctor first.

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25 ways knitting and stitching can help with pain

25 ways knitting and stitching can help with depression

25 ways knitting and stitching can help with stress

25 ways knitting and stitching can help conquer addiction

25 ways knitting and stitching can help with dementia

Stitchlinks Guide to Good Posture

Troubleshooting Knitting - a guide for those with hand arm and neck problems

Changing your Mind about Pain NEW

Laughter Therapy – this YouTube video makes us laugh every time :) NEW

Saving Starfish - integrating care and compassion into a system based on business ethics – changing health systems by Betsan Corkhill. Published in Pain News September 2013

Pain Medicine versus Pain Management – an important paper by Professor John Loeser and Professor Alex Cahana, calling for a change in healthcare systems

What if Pain was a Verb – Alex Cahana at TEDxBellevue

Pain News (British Pain Society Journal) – Knitting and Pain. See page 44

Pain News – Therapeutic Knitting study day report (page 171). Letter to Editor (page 184)

Victoria's Story - Creativity and Pain Relief – how I recovered from CRPS and a drop foot

Guide to recognising a stroke – please read as this could save a life

Happy Boxes

Laughter Therapy to set you up for the day – YouTube video guaranteed to have you laughing

Airing Pain Programme 11
– Knitting, Music and Pain (podcast). Click on arrow to listen

Explain Pain – David Butler and Lorimer Moseley talk about their book. YouTube video

Lorimer Moseley talks about pain. Brief YouTube video well worth listening to.

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