Friendships forged are important for giving you a sense of identity and belonging, for making you feel valued. Each member finds their own benefits for their specific situation and many do it just
for fun.

You don't have to be ill or isolated to benefit.
There's something for everyone to enjoy.

Stitchlinks is a Community Interest Company (CIC) which is a non-profit organisation.

It has three arms –
  • A supportive community for anyone who enjoys, or wishes to enjoy, the therapeutic benefits of crafts, particulary knitting. Use it to improve your health and wellbeing whether you are fit and well or living with a longterm medical condition.

  • A research arm which is pioneering research into the therapeutic benefits of knitting and social activity groups.

  • A resource for clinicians, teachers, group leaders, the craft trade and other professionals who wish to use knitting therapeutically.

Keep in touch with up-to-date news through our FREE monthly newsletter and Forums as well as a growing number of articles in PDf format. Those wishing to set up groups can also find information on how best to do this from articles based on our extensive knowledge of using therapeutic knitting.

Discover 'How it all started'...

Our work is teaching us valuable lessons in terms of the importance of creativity, rhythmic movement, social contact, rewarding occupation, and how simple things like texture and colour can raise mood. We're using this knowledge to develop affordable, long-term ways of managing health and enhancing wellbeing and we are already expanding to suggest other activities to try.

The Stitchlinks Plus section will draw your attention to other activities which are worth investigating. They provide a wider choice, variety and a means of learning new skills which will help you nurture a healthy brain as well as widen interests and social involvement.

Our Aims

We think this email defines what Stitchlinks is all about.

What is a CIC?