If you're thinking of starting a therapeutic knitting group our FREE Core Pack has all the information you'll need to get started. Once the Core Pack is downloaded you'll be given links to specialist packs which augment the Core information. Specialist packs are available for setting up Health and School-based groups.

The Stitchlinks Facebook Forum will provide a place where you can chat to your group members between meetings and talk to other group leaders around the world to exchange and share ideas and inspiration for FREE.

Our Core Pack contains the information you'll need to start up and maintain a social
therapeutic knitting group and contains information on:
  • Setting up and Running a Knitting Group

  • Troubleshooting – People

  • Troubleshooting – Knitting

  • Flyer template to advertise your group

  • Poster template

If you want to set up a Health or School-based group, once you've downloaded the Core Pack you will be given links to specialist packs which will give you the necessary information as well as tips on fundraising and other ideas.

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