From time to time we will be running online surveys for the purposes of our research. We will keep you updated of new surveys via our News section and the Stitchlinks Newsletter.

We are also collecting narratives on an ongoing basis. If you haven't told us your story yet, please help our research by clicking here or on the My Story button (left) to find out more.

Surveys Undertaken
2010 - We ran an online survey of knitters in conjunction with Cardiff University and received 3,545 responses in two weeks which was amazing. As a result we have a massive amount of data to sift through and we are currently going through the detail of this. You can find a brief overview of results here.

A first paper taken from initial results was published in The British Journal of Occupational Therapy in February 2013. A BIG thank you to Dr Jill Riley and statistician Professor Clare Griffel for their help.